April Showers


Not a day less will do

From you

-Ben Harper

Listening to the rain fall in the alley. the sound of my neighbors’ harmonies has died away. I wonder what their songs said? we stopped and listened to them for a few moments. i am used to angrily blocking the car alarms and shouted conversations from my upstairs apartment. neighbors, tonight i appreciate you.

Finals. In just two weeks, I will be 1/3 through this adventure called law school. Two weeks after my last final, I will begin the adventure called marriage. Here is how I know how i have grown– two years ago i could not even have contemplated entering into the permanacy of a year-long lease. Perhaps one’s ability to make forever commitments (or in the case of school, expensive ones) is not the best way to track her progress into maturity. A better rubric is probably one’s ability to keep her promises… but give her time. Commitments can’t be kept until they are made.

i want almost nothing more than to fall asleep with my wandering mind, open window, and the fresh smell of the night, to take advantage of my neighbors’ rare silence, but my property book glares at me with its red face and i remember that this will be worth it. all of the planning and the studying and the crying and the library-ing and the deliberation over table-cloths, and the panic over the forgotten details and the lonely nights with the computer will be over soon. rainclouds pour themselves out and the morning shines bright. i am doing my best to walk with no regrets out of that last final and down the aisle towards my best friend. Forever is close.



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